Active Full Day Tuscan Bike Tour - دراجات الطرق

Active Full Day Tuscan Bike Tour - دراجات الطرق
Active Full Day Tuscan Bike Tour - دراجات الطرق
Active Full Day Tuscan Bike Tour - دراجات الطرق
Active Full Day Tuscan Bike Tour - دراجات الطرق Active Full Day Tuscan Bike Tour - دراجات الطرق Active Full Day Tuscan Bike Tour - دراجات الطرق

Via del Campuccio, 88, 50125, فلورنسا, توسكانا, إيطاليا

Active Full Day Tuscan Bike Tour

For all bike enthusiasts, this tour will allow you to ride part of the 2013 World Cycling Championship route.

Departure right from the center of Florence, without shuttle vans and any kind of support vehicles: just you, your bike and your bilingual tour leader, who will be there to show you the way, point out the sights, and fix any possible flats or malfunctions.

The tour starts with a scenic ride up to the picturesque town of Fiesole, in the northeast of Florence.
There you will get to see one of the best panoramas of Florence. The ride continues further into the hills where you will have lunch at one of our favorite restaurants in the area (claimed by many of our guests as their best meals of their trip!).

We will then stop at a family run local Chianti vineyard where we will see where their wine and olive oil is made and stored. You will have the chance to taste both and to purchase these locally made products. The return ride to Florence is mostly downhill.
We will provide 24 speed bicycles, helmets and water bottles.

The tour includes a delicious Tuscan lunch with wine and olive oil tasting, a winery and cellar guided tour and the constant assistance of a bilingual tour leader.

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دراجات الطرق
22 KM
  • English
  • français
  • Italiano
  • Português
7h 45min
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  • كهربائية
  • مختلطة "Hybrid"
تبدأ في
9:15 AM
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Bike Italy, the first and original single and multi-day bike tour out of Florence, has been liberating foot-worn and weary travelers from the routine of the trains and cities since 1993! We invite you to a change of pace and scenery, feel a cool breeze, breathe some fresh air and really see Tuscany!

Being the longest running bike tour company has allowed us to really refine our tours and bring you the best of what Tuscany has to offer. Our passion for both cycling and Tuscany has allowed us to create itineraries and relationships that have withstood the test of time and made our tours a "personal" experience for many of our guests.

Our itineraries often include stops, breaks or even lunch at a friend's house and not a tourist venue. The recent addition of our 100% Florentine business partner that helps us do business in Italy, has greatly expanded our group of friends and family that we will take you to meet. On our tours, we will take you behind doors and gates that can only be unlocked and opened by I Bike Italy! You will meet our friends on the road and in their houses where we are invited in to see how the Florentines live. You will use the oil at lunch that we use in our kitchen back home and drink the wine that we have on our dinner table for our best friends. By the end of the tour we hope that you will not think of us as just a bike tour supplier, but as new friends that you have in Tuscany!


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